Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Travel to Region.

So we left for Karkov by train Tuesday night, slept on the train and arrived at 6:20 am. Got picked up at train station and drove 200 km to orphanage. We got to see both kids. Found out that they are both healthy and have no heart problems. They have a really nice orphanage it even has a pool and a school. We were told that they just returned yesterday from a camp in country for special needs kids. These photos are from the train and our new room. We were very lucky to find this place there is literally no lodging and we almost had to stay at a lady from the orphanage house. We will be staying here until Sunday night when we go back to Karkov ans catch the train back to Kiev for Vlad's referral and then return until court to the region with the kids. Both kids took very well to us and we had a good visit. They are treated just like the other kids and are expected to keep. They cut Alyssa's hair and it looks just like my sweet Allie back home. Vlad is a little smaller then we anticipated, the clothes will be baggy on the way home, he might end ud getting hand me downs from Noah.

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