Sunday, October 24, 2010


So before we went to go get the kids from the Ukraine we had purchased these matching pajamas for all the kids. They love that they are the same but it is really crazy to see how big they are on Anna and Vlad. So to compare Allie is 7 years old and only 4 months older then Anna. Vlad will be nine in December and Noah just turned six in September. Amazing to see the size differences. The boys both wear size 6 and we had to split Noahs clothes so that Vlad would have something to wear, he was so generous and picked out some of his favorites to give to him. Anna is just a peanut and she is wearing a size 4-5 clothes and size 8-9 shoes, Allies wears 8-10 clothes and Size 2 Shoes. I guess having good nutrition and milk make a huge difference in growth. They are also doing really great in school Anna is in First Grade and Vlad is in Third, so we have Two First Graders, One Second Grader anad One Third Grader. Anna is picking up sign language very quickly and starting to say the English words very quickly after, she get so excited when you understand what she is saying. SHe is finally calling Kevin Dada instead of MaMa since that is what they pretty much called everyone in the orphanage. Vlad is having a more difficult time with language and communication and we are concerned that he may have a hearing problem so we are going to get the hearing screening and visit the ENT next week. Hopefully we will get some answers to help him out. Things have been going pretty well except the sheer exhaustion of adding two more kids to a two parent working household.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Pics Finally!

So it has been a crazy ride the last few days. Picked up Kevin and the kids Thursday night at Denver International Airport, they came in early so I just drove up and we threw the bags and the kids in the car and took off. No fussing whatsoever about the car seats, they actually think that they are pretty neat and do not try to unbuckle. Thank Goodness!! We went out to eat at Famous Dave's and they are so well behaved out to eat it was amazing. They tried all the new food there and on the plane with no problems. Well that is until the middle on the night when Vlad threw up half his dinner, he had eaten so much food it was crazy. We should have known better but it is hard to say no when you know what they have been eating for their whole lives. We got home and they went right to bed in their new beds no fuss at all and have every night since. Friday we spent the day together as a family and just hung out at home and let everyone get to know each other.All the kids have been getting along so well and not really any jealousy either way. It is amazing how small they are Vlad wears the same size as Noah who is Three years younger and we have had to down size her clothes and shoes several times to finally get her pants to stay up. Seven years old and wears a 4-5 and a size 9 shoes which is still to big. Saturday we took them to the local rec center to go swimming and they thought is was great and did not want to leave, did not much care for the showers though. After that they had the inflatable bouncy castle up and they bounces for quit a while, played basketball and ping pong. Then we went home had some luch and headed to a local Punpkin Run event where we painted pumpkins, took a horse and carraige ride and did a little trick or treating. All of which they really enjoyed. Needless to say they ended up in bed early that night after dinner. Then next morning we took them to church and everyone was so excited that they were home and they were shaking everyones hands and Vlad loved the music and the instruments. We headed home for some lunch and a lazy sunday afternoon nap, very much needed especially for us! Today was columbus day so I had the day off, we figured we would try to get a few things done to get them ready for school, well the day ended up pretty busy. We took both of them to the dentist and got complete x-rays and cleanings, they were amazing!! They said they did better then most kids and they were so proud of their goodie bags with the new toothpaste and toothbrushes. Then we stopped at their school and we figured that we would just drop off shot records and birth certificates. Well they had other plans, when we got there they were totally ready for them, we got to meet their individual special ed teachers, class room teacher and toured their rooms and school. They have each a para ready and two Ukrainian speaking translators to help with their transistion and testing for their IEPs. Then they said so are they ready to start tomorrow and we were so suprised, but said yes since Kevin is still off of work this week so he can be there if he needs to. They were really surprised at how well they did for their ages and they will be Vlad in 3rd Grade and Anna in 1st grade. They plan to have them be in their classrooms as much as possible once they transition. Anna allready says Allie, Lindsay, sit, Dad, Noah and today started saying Hi. After that we ended up heading to the local eye doctor who specializes in children with Downs and figured out what was causing the green discharge for Vlad's eyes, sounds like it will be a life long battle but once we get it under control it will be a minor nightly cleaning and he allready looks and feels so much better. Everything is moving so quickly since they came home and sometimes it just seems unreal, they have acclimated so quickly that it is amazing. We are starting to get a little testing now and I take that to mean that they feel comfortable enough here now to try things out a litte. Sometimes it feels like you are on a emotional roller coaster, you really never know how all of it is going to affect you emotionally. But it is so truly amazing to see how happy the kids are to be HOME!

Friday, October 8, 2010


Well everyone is finlly home!!!!!!!!!!!! Pictures to follow and when we get settled more I will write some more. Just know that everything is going well.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


So Kevin said that Monday was a really good day! OUr attorney and driver picked them up to go get the kids and they had brought snacks. When they go there the orphanage had planned them a going away party and they gave each kid new out fits and winter coats. Wow was he surprised. They had also purchased a electric fireplace for their room with our donation money. Then he got back and got the passports, he said it was pretty awesome to see the kids, passports and birth certificates all together in one place, made it real. They went to get tickets on the night train and they were sold out so then ended up on the exspress train which left early and they did not have much time to pack and get to the train. Nico picked them up at the train station and then in the morning they went to the embassy, they said that they should have visas ready by Wednesday, medicals are done and they should fly out on schedule Thursday. Kevin definately seemed in a much better mood having the kids with him. He said he had to teach them how to eat a hamburger and drink threw straws. Anna seems to think it is a game to see how many times she can get him to take her to the potty, silly girl. Can't wait to have the whole family together and the kids here are getting very excited to meet Vlad and Anna and also have their Dad home. He has spent a total of 33 days in the Ukraine. Keep the prayers coming until the land at 5pm Thursday.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Desperately Need Help!

Well we are in a bit of trouble. Kevin called and they keep finding additional ways for us to have to spend more money. Right now he is short the money we need now to process the documents at the US Embassy to bring the kids home. We need to have an additonal 800.00 to Kevin by Monday at the latest so that he can get these kids home. He is getting very frustrated and we need to wrap this up and be done with all the red tape. We are desperately begging that if any one can donate any amount to try to make up this difference. Please contact me by E-mail if you would be willing to give us a hand in bringing them home. Keep praying for us that God will be faithful.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hubby is Frustrated!

I feel so helpless when he calls frustrated with what is happening and he feels like they do not understand what he is saying. They would not let him take the kids today because he was a DAD and he was a MOM they would have, they said he couldn't handle it. If any of you know my husband you would agree that he probably would handle it better then me that is for sure. He is the one who was raised with a downs brother and is way more comfortable in the Ukraine them I was. They are having difficulty understanding the attorney and he wonders what the extra charges are and is not getting anywhere. Another 800.00 for passports that was not expected, I don't know where we are going to keep coming up with this extra money. I guess we will do whatever it takes to get everyone home but as it stands right now I have to come up with at least another $800.00 just to get him home and that is if no other mystery charges come up. Looking like ramen noodles and mac and chees for the rest of the month.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

God is Good!

So they managed to get both birth certificates done today. Kevin said it is pretty cool to see them with our names on them, they are our children!!!!! And also his luggage was returned today so that is a big relief. So now it is up to how fast they turn over their passports, they say three days. But we just saw them do Austin's is the US in hours so I know it can be faster.