Friday, June 25, 2010

God Bumps!

Well we sound out that our police clearances that we need will take two weeks until we get them because the person that signs them is out for vacation. Then being disappointedenough we found out that the SDA is closind for new submissions from July 1st- July 14. So God must need some more time to prapare our path. I can't say that I am not disappointed but I want this to be in his time not our time. This Momma is getting very anxious to meet her children. Kevin is going to be the one taking the leave so I really need to know that they are home safe and Daddy is with them. We are trying to be prpared and have our waiver packet to fill out, health insurance forms filled out and are ready to just go get them. But I am leading each day with the faith that he has a perfect plan.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

LOTS of PRAYERS needed!!!!!!!!!

We got word today that three of our documents need some changes. Please pray that we will have willing hearts when we go to have these redone and that it will be in a timely manner. Also that God will provide the additional funds to send them over exspress so that we do not lose to much time. We are still prayerful that we will be able to get them home before school starts.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Today the paperwork aririved in the Ukraine and now the next step is translation and then submission for approval to the SDA. So again we wait patiently know that God is in control and we prepare to leave our kids behind venture out in the word and bring home our missing family members. Please pray that things will go as God has planned and that we have the patience to endure this waiting game.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Finally got all the paperwork back from the Secretary of State and sent the dossier last night. It was really tough handing that over to the Fed Ex Guy. But that is what we have to do to get the kids so you have faith and let go. Kids are coming home from camp tomorrow and we had a great friend of the family help Kevin frame the closet in this week. Such a blessing!!!! Thanks Matt! Also last night I have a great conversation with another downs mom in our town and I look forward to getting to know their family, they have a little boy who is 4 1/2. Well better head to work got to keep earning that vacation time. Have a blessed weekend and please keep us in our prayers that our date will be of God's perfect will.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

USCIS Approval Letter

We received the approval letter from Immigration today that we are approved to adopt, Hopefully the official document will come in the mail tomorrow and then we can get this Dossier accross the pond. After we send it we are looking at 5-6 weeks to travel. Starting to let myself get excited now. Tomorrow Noah is graduating Kindergarten and it is the last day of school for the other kids. Please pray that out daughter Lindsay gets a job as a CNA this summer. She is a junior in highschool and just finished her certificate and hopefully if she can get a job they will pay for her test. SHe id getting excited because she is starting to get college stuff in the mail since she to the ACT. The older kids are heading to church camp next week, Lindsay voluteers for the Junior High camp so she gets to go with Austin and then goes to senior high camp the next week. then the week after is Vacation Bible School, I guess we are trying to fit in as much summer as we can before we have to travel. Have blessed week Everyone!