Saturday, September 4, 2010

Well Today was better!

We had to make a final decision today if we were going to go back to Kiev and get the referral for Vlad.It has been an emotional week and very exhausting. We were very torn he has taken to Kevin but wants nothing to do with me, I am just another MAMA. Some of his behaviors were concerning and we were wondering if he would bond and be able to listen and behave. Nothing serious but we wantede to make sure we were taking everyone in the family into consideration and what life was going to look like. I am not a stay at home mom nor do I want to be at this point in life, I love my job and yes I do miss being at work. I work with some awesome women who have been so supportive and I just never want to take advantage of them, you guys rock! Also with Kevins variable schedule we need to make sure we could do it logistically. So we talked to the kids last night and explained the situation and they were shocked that we were even questioning not bringing him home. I told them that he had an attitude and was going to take so extra work and patience and Lindsay told us that she has plenty of attitude some times as a teenage and we never gave up on her. She also called me out for taking it to personally that he did not like me. And she reminded us that the reason that we are here is because that is what God called us to do and we have to stand on Faith not fear. That we were under attack and that Satan was trying to cause us not to agree to get his will done. I sure am lucky to have such a great kid, well I have the best kids in the world and I can't wait to hug each of them. They are being so brave and they said as long as they have us we can get through anything as a family. During this process I have realized how lucky that we truly are and how blessed we are. The conveniences that we have in the USA are amazing and I am going to learn to stop and look at everything with much more appreciation. Thnak You God for opening our eyes today and giving us a great visit with the kids. he made it very clear in several ways today that we needed to bring him home to his family. Will post more pictures later my body is so sore that I do not want to get up and walk across the room to get the camera. 3 hours of walking a day makes me wish that I had working out on the eliptical more before we left. Knots in your calf and shin split but you just kepp walking to see the kids. PERSERVERANCE!!!!


  1. I am VERY encouraged to see that you are NOT a stay-at-home mom that will be "dealing" with special needs children (PL)!!!!!!!! That is extremely encouraging to me since I am not ready (financially) to stay at home and may not be for a while (long maybe), but still have the hope that it is not cruel and unusual that I would adopt spcl needs children and continue to work. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey Everyone they got their Court date, it is the 17th. please pray that the waiting period gets waived

  3. hi guys!!
    hoping you just don't have internet???
    hoping all is going well!!!