Monday, April 26, 2010


Forgot to tell everyone that last Friday was Alyssa 7th Birthday! It was a hard day since we are not with her to celebrate our daughter's special day. You got to wonder if she even knows what a birthday is. Good new we found out that they are going to pass Noah on to First Grade, since he is the baby of the class. That means we won't end up having three Kindergarteners. Good job Noah!


With much disappointment we had to reschedule or fingerprint appointment. We received the new appointment May 11, two week later. Now things are getting pretty exciting. I no longer can focus only on paperwork and it is a little overwhelming to think of how much life will change in the next few months. I am very excited and I know we will do just fine. Now all the things that need to be in order are all my focus at home. My husband said now that the paper pregnancy is done I must be NESTING! He is right!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Finger Print Appointment

Yeah we got the letter from USCIS for our fingerprint appointment! April 27th, not bad for sending it on the First of April, them getting it April 5th. Don't ever believe the overnight thing if you live in Wyoming it always takes at least 3-5 days no matter what. Sometimes I wonder if it is still Pony Express. So happy to be home from our trip to Michigan for the National girls Hockey Tournament. They lost all their games but it was the first time Wyoming has been to a National Tournament. We stopped in Chicago and took the kids to Medievil Times and that was a blast. Also we went to the Museum of Science and Industry and everyone was surprised at how large it was. We did not even come closed to seeing everything in 5+ hours, but it was alot of fun. Missing my husband, he flew back to Minnesota to help out his parents for another week. I sure do count on him to help out with the kids, he is a great DAD! Plus it seems like everything comes up when they are gone. Very excited to get to send the dossier, you can actually see that it could happen. WOW! PLus we were so lucky to stay with my broher-in-law Keith and Danielle and they are really supportive of the choice to adopt. It makes such a difference if your family doesn't think your crazy, but then again we are always doing things out of the box. Maybe they are finally getting used to it. LOL