Monday, September 13, 2010

Update of Photos!

Here are some photos of the Orphanage and the girls in her group with the necklaces on that my brother made for us to bring. He also knitted hats and scarfs and the house mother really liked them. Sorry blogger is being fussy with the pics so I will just write and update. Since we last talked we made a trip back to Kiev to get the second referral for Vlad and then returned back to the village to file all the paperwork. That was a crazy day of running back and forth but our attorney got it all in and by the end of the day we had the court date of the 17th which is this friday. We found out that the place we were staying in the village wsa taken for the next 10 days so we had to come back to Karkov and stay at anb apartment there until court. It is a very nice apartment which has everything we need but it means that they made an exception for us that we have to visit the kids everyother day for two hour minimum before court. Usually they make you visit daily but since it is an hour drive there and back it makes it tough and very exspensive on our end. It gets very boring sometimes but we have been exsploring the city and getting alot of walking in. We have found another pizza place a grocery store and of course finally the coffe shop to get internet. Talk Soon.

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  1. Hi Andrea,
    glad to hear all is well. I'm not sure if the little one named Tammy is at your daughters ophange. If so could you get an update photo and give me an update of her well being. We want to adopt this angel and are looking for updates. Thanks