Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Got our referral for alyssa!

So we got our referral paperwork this afternoon for Alyssa which means we get to go see the kids. We are leaving tonight at 10:20pm for Karkov. Good thing we slept until 2:00pm this afternoon, we were up early in the morning talking to the kids back home. It is tough being away from them. So we found this really neat little pizza place tonight for dinner and I think we will probably eat there again when we come back. Here are some more pics of the pizza place and around our apartment. Looking forward to meeting the kids tomorrow. Yulia said that they are so excited that we are coming for the kids because the workers faught really hard for them to have one more chance to be placed and we are their last chance. She said we will love them so much they are very smart and great kids! That's good cuz we are only used to having great kids!! Love you guys!! So the Sonny with a chance. So I am sure that you guessed one of the channels is Disney. We are getting a kick out of watching their music videos. The picture of the pizza place has all these girls in front they all where skinny jeans and high heals, I don't know how they do it. Well better go get ready to leave!


  1. Oh the wonderful place! Next time you go to Pizza Chelantano, try the potato al forno. It's awesome! My husband thought their salmon was pretty good, too. The borscht is good also. Not sure we'd have survived over two weeks in Kiev without the place!

  2. Looks like fun! Have you found the TGIF yet? On the return trip you need to get their brownie/ice cream dessert (I can't remember the name). It is heavenly...especially after being gone for so long! :) ((hugs))