Friday, September 3, 2010


So what our day consists of is wake up at 8am shower, eat banana and walk to orphanage to see kids. Takes about 45 minutes to walk there, although we are getting quicker and the weather has been so nice, cool and rains at night. Stay there until they eat lunch at noon. We walk back for a few hours rest and then walk back again at 4pm until about 5:30pm. Walk back to apartment and then we have dinner at the little pub downstairs, usually a burger pattie (what kind of meat I do not know but it is edible so I do not want to know) and homemade french fries which are really good. Tonight we braved the ice cream cone from one store and it was pretty good. Each day seems a little easier to survive here. Survivor Ukraine Ha! Although each day away from our kids back home seems more difficult, we pray every day for speedy court and waiving of the 10 days if not waived I will have to return on the 19th without Kevin.
One of the weirdest things is the animals just wandering around, we are all used to wild cats but wild dogs and we saw this cow out front out apartment. There was a herd of little piglets in the middle of the road today and the roosters crow in the morning.

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  1. love the pics on the swing!!! She is born to be bossy :) so funny how all girls are the same!!
    praying all your paperwork flies through and you have court soon!