Monday, August 9, 2010

Preparation Continues

So this weekend we finally got moved into our new room in the basement Yeah! It does feel a little weird being downstairs but hopefully it will help Kevin sleep better with his crazy shift work schedule. Girls room is painted and dressers are done and filled with all their clothes. Stille need to find a canopy top for Alyssa bed but that is easier said then done. The dressers we were so lucky we got hem at a University sale for $10.00 each and sanded them downand they were solid maple, so we clear coated them and they are beautiful. We are trying to get everything done and realy hoping that we will get our travel date this week, we have a sneaking hunch that it will be the first week of school. Which means everyone else has to be ready and all the school paperwork filled out and back pack, lunch boxes and sports schedules ready. Keeping me busy enough that I have not had much chance to think about travel and get nervous, but finally I am letting my self get excited to go get the kids.

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