Thursday, January 28, 2010


Just wanted to say Thank You Lord for the peace that you have given me all day. I would truly have been the worry wort about the home study tonight. And I have have no concerns all day, more excitment to get started. My Husband and kids are such a blessing to me that I am sure she will love them to. Tomorrow we are getting our new chairs for around the dinner table, two. That means we will have two new spots open, I am excited to find out if God will fill one or two. I am leaving my heart open to whatever he leads us to. Our younger son Noah says he needs a brother since Allie is getting a sister, he does not want to be alone in the boys room. Well wish me good blessing and a speedy homestudy. Love you All.

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  1. oops, correction good luck on the homestudy TODAY instead of tuesday!