Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Miracle Moments

Well I have to say that things have been running pretty smoothly and the last few days have been unbelieveably calm and oraganized for our wild and crazy family, especially since our 10 day vacation in October back to Minnesota to see family. Yesterday was the first day back to school and everyone was in bed by 8:30pm, which meant that everyone got up on time in a bright and cheerful mood and did not fight or argue with each other. WOW! Then they all had a good day at school, came home and did homework and then we went to some friends house for dinner. We do not get to do that very often and it is so great when your friend and both sets of kids actually enjoy playing, slight grumping when we had to leave but no full blown tantrum so we got out of that easily. Still managed to make it to bed before 9:30 for the kids. Today was the first day the Kevin worked days and had to get up with everyone, seemed pretty good. No one got a cold shower, well except for Lindsay who did not get up on time, but hey she made the bus and that is all that matters to MOM. The little ones were in a very good mood again and got ready with little help. Everyone was out the door and I still had time to eat my breakfast before I got into the car and read a few verse in my bible. As I headed off to work I thought how nice that everyone managed to get teeth brushed, backpacks packed, homework done, breakfast eaten and Austin even managed to take the trash to the road without having to text me from the bus that he forgot. Dinner is in the crock pot and my husband is home everynight and weekends, well at least for the next four months. We are going to take advantage of every moment. My resolution this year is going to be,be thankful for the little blessings and enjoy the little moments that brush by so fast. AND THIS TIME THE BEDTIME ROUTINE IS GOING TO STICK!!!!!!!!!!
Oh Yeah and Honey get over the court pants and be happy to have breakfast waiting at work, cuz we sure are looking forward to having you home more.

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