Sunday, October 24, 2010


So before we went to go get the kids from the Ukraine we had purchased these matching pajamas for all the kids. They love that they are the same but it is really crazy to see how big they are on Anna and Vlad. So to compare Allie is 7 years old and only 4 months older then Anna. Vlad will be nine in December and Noah just turned six in September. Amazing to see the size differences. The boys both wear size 6 and we had to split Noahs clothes so that Vlad would have something to wear, he was so generous and picked out some of his favorites to give to him. Anna is just a peanut and she is wearing a size 4-5 clothes and size 8-9 shoes, Allies wears 8-10 clothes and Size 2 Shoes. I guess having good nutrition and milk make a huge difference in growth. They are also doing really great in school Anna is in First Grade and Vlad is in Third, so we have Two First Graders, One Second Grader anad One Third Grader. Anna is picking up sign language very quickly and starting to say the English words very quickly after, she get so excited when you understand what she is saying. SHe is finally calling Kevin Dada instead of MaMa since that is what they pretty much called everyone in the orphanage. Vlad is having a more difficult time with language and communication and we are concerned that he may have a hearing problem so we are going to get the hearing screening and visit the ENT next week. Hopefully we will get some answers to help him out. Things have been going pretty well except the sheer exhaustion of adding two more kids to a two parent working household.

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  1. I'm so happy that you have settled in so well. ALL of your kids are Beautiful! I love the picture of the four in their matching pj's. They all look so much alike. HE chose the perfect children for your family. I will Pray for all of you as you adjust to each other.
    Blessings ~ Jo