Tuesday, October 5, 2010


So Kevin said that Monday was a really good day! OUr attorney and driver picked them up to go get the kids and they had brought snacks. When they go there the orphanage had planned them a going away party and they gave each kid new out fits and winter coats. Wow was he surprised. They had also purchased a electric fireplace for their room with our donation money. Then he got back and got the passports, he said it was pretty awesome to see the kids, passports and birth certificates all together in one place, made it real. They went to get tickets on the night train and they were sold out so then ended up on the exspress train which left early and they did not have much time to pack and get to the train. Nico picked them up at the train station and then in the morning they went to the embassy, they said that they should have visas ready by Wednesday, medicals are done and they should fly out on schedule Thursday. Kevin definately seemed in a much better mood having the kids with him. He said he had to teach them how to eat a hamburger and drink threw straws. Anna seems to think it is a game to see how many times she can get him to take her to the potty, silly girl. Can't wait to have the whole family together and the kids here are getting very excited to meet Vlad and Anna and also have their Dad home. He has spent a total of 33 days in the Ukraine. Keep the prayers coming until the land at 5pm Thursday.

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