Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I feel like everything is going in slow motion. We are still trying to gather 4 documents to redo and send over to Eastern Europe. I know that we live in Wyoming and here in the old west things move a little slower, which normally I truly LOVE! But come on allready people light a fire under it we have two kids to go get and it is getting harder and harder to be patient. OUr dossier is ready to submit this week except for the docs we are waiting on and it is driving me crazy trying to get people here to try to cooperate and get them done correctly. It seems so simple but yet they act like it is so difficult. Time is runnin out before we have to redo a bunch more. Please pray that we can get the new paperwork over there at least so that we can be submitted next Thursday. God has a plan and I know he is preparing our path, I will try to have peace and trust in his faithfulness.

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