Saturday, May 15, 2010

Busy Week

Well we got our digital fingerprints done on Tuesday and they send them to the FBI digitally while we were there, really cool! We are building closets in the basement and converting our living room into a master bedroom. We went to home depot and got all the closet doors and entry door for $60.00 clearenced out, that is a awesome deal! That way we will be able to get it done and start on the kids rooms, exciting it makes it all feel real. We also started picking up some clothes for the kids and trying to guess which sizes they are, it is fun just imagining them being home. We were also blessed this week by a donor that gave $2500.00 God is truly amazing and we are so thankful that this person allowed God to use them to bring his kids home to their forever family!!!!!!!!! We have also been doing the pizza card fundraiser and discount card fundraiser, it has been working out pretty well and we have made up our investment and everything from here on out is profit. Some of our friends are helping sell some cards and that is helping out alot. No we wait for our USCIS approval and we are ready to submit our dossier and get ready to travel. EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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