Saturday, March 6, 2010

Letter to Help Raise Funds

I would like to introduce you to our family. We are Kevin and Andrea Watkins from Laramie, Wyoming. We have four children Lindsay 17, Austin 12, Allie 7 and Noah 5. Some of you may know us personally, you may know us through out parents Alvin and Gwen Watkins and Don and Rita Gallus or someone may have forwarded you this letter out of love. We would like to share with you all, the journey that we have embarked on. Since Kevin and I have been together is has been a desire of our hearts to adopt a child with Downs Syndrome. At the end of the year last year we were directed to a website that facilitates adoptions of Children with DS all over the world, Over the years we have checked into the United States for adoption options and have found out the grim news that in our country over 90% of these special children are aborted. Unfortunately in many countries these children are institutionalized and never have a chance of showing the world their great capacity to love others and be valued members of our communities. There are no shortage of families in the United States that wish to adopt these children but there is a shortage of funds for these families to complete the adoption process. The average adoption of a child from the Ukraine is $24,000 including fees, travel expenses and document preparation. In October, in faith that God would provide the funds to bring her home we committed to Alyssa. When we came across her on the web site we were immediately drawn to this little girl. Since then we have been through the process of gathering all the documents and completing our home study. We are at the point that we need to send all these documents over to the Ukraine and wait for our time to meet her. Once that happens things move very quickly and we need to be prepared financially to complete the adoption. Due to the pending Ukrainian elections and possible government changes we have been recommended to try to get our adoption completed as soon as possible. Also we have found out that as of August 1st if she is not adopted she will be moved to an institution and may no longer be available, which means she will be left there for the rest of her life. Due to this process moving so quickly we are still lacking the funds necessary to complete the adoption. We are asking that you prayerfully consider contributing to the funds necessary to bring Alyssa home. This contribution is completely tax deductible for you or a business. To make a donation you can visit our blog at, then click on the picture of her to bring you to our donation page. These funds go to our family fund at Reece’s rainbow and will be disbursed to us when we receive our travel date. Please feel free to forward this to anyone you feel called to do so.

 Thank You and God Bless, The Watkins Family.

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