Saturday, December 12, 2009


Alright everybuddy I need advice. How do you deal with the stress of being worried about finances and having enough to complete the adoption proecess. But balance that with the desire to get everything done as quickly as possibly so that we don't lose her. It just seems like some days I have great strong faith and then other days I let fear sneak in. Since we started the paperwork it seems like things don't move quick enough, but we have to get the home study done before we can apply for most grants and loans. Well and of course you don't want to get so stressed that you take it out on your dear family. I love my husband and kids and that is not what I want to do. Help give me some ideas! Thank You

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  1. I feel like that some days to. Our homestudy is complete, but we do not qualify for most loans and grants because we are adopting independantly from the Ukraine. So some days I feel extremely panicky because we'll be travelling in only a few short months. For us everything is going very quickly, and that makes me a bit nervous. But hubby just keeps picking up extra work, I keep baking up goodies to sale. And I know that in the end if we have to we'll just take a loan from our bank.